I Googled "Realtors Who Listen" 

After interviewing several agents and even having their home on the market with a popular real estate brokerage in town, Jackie Googled "Realtors who listen..." and Mary Beth from Main Line Real Estate popped up.

Read the Sammartino's story about their experience with Main Line Real Estate and what advice they have for you.


28 Years Worth of Memories

After spending 28 years in their home, the idea of moving was daunting and what they tried in the past wasn't working.  With an 8,000 square foot home, they knew that the marketing needed to be presented differently than other homes in the area. 

From the start, Mary Beth and Eliot were real.  We started in the dining room and talked through everything that was going to go into the sale of our home.  They really cared about us as people and about our home.  They cared about the little details of it and didn’t treat it like any other house. 

We trusted Main Line Real Estate to have our best interest in mind throughout the entire process.

Why Main Line Real Estate?

After interviewing multiple Realtors and putting their home on the market with a different agent, Jackie Googled "Realtors who listen" and up came Mary Beth's picture with a button inviting her to learn more. After reading Mary Beth's story, Jackie concluded that what Main Line Real Estate was doing was completely different than any other Realtor she'd seen before.

They didn't gloat or focus on themselves. Mary Beth wanted to know how we felt.

"We’ve bought houses at the shore, houses in the city, and houses in the suburbs and out of all the Realtors we’ve ever dealt with, Mary Beth has been the absolute best."

She knows people, she knows who she’s dealing with. I felt comfortable backing off and letting her handle things.

What Stuck Out To You?

During this process, we got a first-hand look at everything a Realtor does. From dealing with the bank, inspectors, appraisals there really is a lot going on behind the scenes. Mary Beth and Eliot were able to handle all of this flawlessly. 

Even when we had the buyer backed out of their offer, Mary Beth took the time to explain what was going on and performed the steps needed to get the sale back on track.

How Was Main Line Real Estate Different?

With any sale, marketing is vital, but with an 8,000 square foot home, a different approach is needed. The way that they marketed our home was unlike anything we'd seen before. They created an entire 3D walkthrough along with a video showing potential buyers exactly what our home looked like.

Our home was displayed on Facebook and was even on the first page of a Google search for "Main Line Real Estate."

While we didn't host an open house, Mary Beth needed to work closely with the buyer's agent to arrange multiple showings and property walkthroughs. She was there for each and every showing and made us feel comfortable throughout the process.

Professional Photography

3D Matterport


Excellent Negotiation Skills

In the end, our home sold in part because Mary Beth is a great negotiator. She cared about our home and that we were getting the most out of the sale. We actually ended up with an additional $50,000 from the buyer all thanks to Mary Beth and her skillset.

Jackie and John's Advice to You

If you're considering selling your home, our advice would be to understand the process. Especially if you're moving from a home that you've lived in for years. After you're comfortable with what's going to happen, call Main Line Real Estate.

Select a Realtor who is real, someone you can trust. Mary Beth and Eliot are those people for us.

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